St. Lucia's Pitons

St. Lucia’s Pitons

St. Lucia is a popular stop on eastern Caribbean cruises because of its beautiful harbor and other natural attractions.

One of the best ways for more adventurous people to see those natural attractions is by going on an ATV ride through the back country of the island.

For anyone who hasn’t tried it before, a typical ATV or all-terrain vehicle has three or four wheels and usually has no exterior shell like a car.

In our case, it was more like a squat motorcyle with three wheels. And yes, because it is “all terrain” it can go just about anywhere.

On a beautiful day during our cruise visit, my son and I took a small tour bus from the harbor along some country roads to a small facility surrounding by natural landscape.

We were told that the area was owned by someone quite wealthy whose holdings extended out to the coast.

After getting a quick introduction on how to use the ATV, we climbed aboard and followed our guide up a fairly steep hillside and discovered what we would explore — some of the most beautiful coastline we had ever seen with a series of coves and beaches that any resort builder would cherish.

We took a bumpy path down the large hill and began exploring this beautiful landscape. At one point our guide encouraged us to drive faster, and we went in a large loop in a mini drag race.

He egged on my son to compete with him, and my son ended up plowing through a huge patch of mud that splattered him from head to toe.

After our tour of the coastline, we parked at the top of a hill for lunch and a leisurely view of the ocean, the countryside and St. Lucia’s famous Pitons, a pair of volcanic spires that tower over the island.